Author Topic: The Nats' Offense is downright Offensive  (Read 5538 times)

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I can only imagine the crap that would be posted here if we lost today and got swept.

Long way to go to what?  What are you expecting?  Jesus to drop out of the sky wearing a Nats uniform?
Long way to go to be competitive, as 2k6nats pointed out, we are still 11 games behind .500 and our offensive completely and utterly stinks.

Our pinch hitting sits at 7-72.  Let me spell that out for you: SEVEN for SEVENTY TWO.  We can't score worth a darn and support these scrub pitchers that are working their hearts out.  I'm seeing it time and time again and it's starting to get on my nerves.  How can we expect these minor league guys to pitch a perfect game every time they show up on the mound at the PRO LEVEL, because that's what we are asking of them - to pitch a perfect game - because the rest of the so called real pro players can't hit for crap.

Notice I'm not angry at the pitchers...I'm angry at the Felipe Lopezes, Austin Kearnses & the Ryan Zimmermans.  They aren't supposed to be sitting out there with batting averages of like .230.  That's CRAP.  These guys are professional baseball players and they need to step it up and start supporting the pitching squad. 

Starting Players That Need To Get It In Gear:
Felipe Lopez: .237 batting average, .190 with RISP
Austin Kearns: .240 batting average, .220 with RISP
Brian Schneider: .222 batting average, .094 with RISP
Ryan Zimmerman: .240 batting average, .167 with RISP

The bench guys are worse: everytime we get someone in scoring position, out comes Robert Fick - Robert Fick can't hit to save his life.  Or out comes some other no-name idiot that can't hit the broadside of a barn. 

Look I know your opinion on here - you want to throw praises on the Nats no matter what...and you get mad whenever anybody expects more out of them.  Well I don't just settle for crap...I expect a winner.  And if I was a player, I wouldn't want fans that expect any less.