Author Topic: The Nats' Offense is downright Offensive  (Read 6100 times)

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The Nats' Offense is downright Offensive
« Topic Start: May 20, 2007, 12:04:15 AM »
Tonight was one of the most nauseating offensive performances I think I have ever seen.  If Church, Zimmerman, Lopez, Kearns, and Schneider are our "future" then we are essentially doomed. The only true hitter on this team is Nick Johnson but he is currently hurt and has had a history of injury problems. At first I thought these guys were just slumping but now I see how mediocre they really are.  The O's pitcher tonight was throwing nothing but fastballs and all night we were taking late swings as if he was throwing in the 80s when in reality he was throwing it in the mid 90s.  It's pretty sad when a pitcher comes out of nowhere and throws 6 scoreless innings  for you and you still lose the damn ball game because your offense can't hit off of a minor league pitcher and a bunch of bad relievers.

We had been on a roll and then our big rivals come in on Friday and we decide to play like a bunch of jerks.  Now just to take 1 game we have to beat their best pitcher on Sunday.  Oh yeah btw, we are starting a relief pitcher.  :roll: