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YNOT Guessing Game Edition 19, NLDS Playoffs, Best 3 of 5 games vs Chicago Cubs
Prizes: Bragging rights only.

14 Questions:
1. Who will win the NLDS series between the Chicago Cubs and the Nationals? Nats
2. How many games will be needed: 3, 4, or the maximum 5-games? 5
3. Which Nationals batter will get the most Runs in this series? Turner
4. Which Nationals batter will get the most RBIs in this series? Zimmerman
5. Which Nationals batter will hit the most Home Runs in this series? Zimmerman
6. Which Nationals base runner will steal the most bases in this series?  Turner
7. Which Nationals player, pitching in relief, will strike out the most opponents' batters in this series? Madson
8. How many batters will Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez combine to strike out in their first starts (within 2 counts as a point)? 18
9. How many earned runs will Tanner Roark allow, if any, in his first start? 4
10. In how many games will the Nationals shut out the Cubs, if any? 1
11. In how many home games, if any, will the Nationals win with a walkoff (i.e., a run scored in the 9th or in extra innings)? 0
12. Yes/No: Will Max Scherzer pitch more than 7 innings against the Cubs in the entire best of 5 series? No
13. Which Nationals batter will hit the most home runs as a pinch hitter in the entire best of 5 series? None
14. Who will win the NLDS between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers? LAD
Tiebreaker: What will Daniel Murphy's batting average be for the series? .429
2nd Tiebreaker: Whoever posts their answer first.

I don't think I've done a YNOT for a series before.