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Happy to have the Nats get more money, but the product is crap. $6 a day from Amazon, with a hard sell marketing campaign to try to get you to sign up for regular delivery. Doubtful anyone associated with the team will actually ingest this stuff.

FitTeam Global claims that FitTeam Fit assists individuals in losing weight by helping cells burn existing fat, boosting metabolism, and suppressing appetite. Its manufacturers believe Fit Sticks can replace drinks like energy shots or coffee because the ingredients boost energy while promoting fat loss. As a bonus, FitTeam Fit also contains specific mood-elevating ingredients. The company says that these chemical mood enhancers can increase mental focus and help users avoid behaviors that may lead to weight gain such as binge eating and nighttime insomnia.

Recently, FitTeam Global has attracted controversy due to the risky traits of some of its ingredients. In response, the company now promotes combining the supplement with a sensible meal plan, a healthy-food shopping list, and an exercise plan to encourage a better lifestyle overall.

FitTeam Fit claims to:

Help cells burn calories and fat through thermogenesis
Boost cellular metabolic activity and overall body metabolism
Suppress the appetite
Increase energy levels
Boost mood
Help individuals lose weight with natural ingredients

Currently, there are no existing independent studies or clinical trials to prove that FitTeam Fit works.

Although FitTeam Global markets this product as safe and all-natural, there are ingredients in the product with potentially serious side effects. For example, there have been reports of liver toxicity when consuming large amounts of green tea powder. [2]

Since the company instructs users to take the supplement twice daily, individuals with liver, kidney, or digestive problems should consult a professional before taking this product.

There is also a possible issue with its caffeine content. While FitTeam Global claims it uses less caffeine than energy shots, Fit Sticks contain caffeine and caffeine derivatives in at least three forms: green tea, l-theanine, and caffeine anhydrous. This amount may be excessive for some people, resulting in increased risk of nervousness, heart palpitations, or insomnia. As a precaution, individuals who use the product should not consume other drinks high in caffeine, like coffee or tea. Supplements high in caffeine may also interact negatively with other medication or abnormally lower blood pressure.

Similarly, the grapefruit seed extract ingredient may react negatively with medicine. Individuals taking medication may need to avoid FitTeam Fit.

Perhaps the most controversial ingredient in FitTeam Fit is bitter orange (citrus aurantium).

While bitter orange has been shown to be safe when applied topically to the skin, the ingested form is another story. Unfortunately, the synephrine in bitter orange has a chemical structure similar to the herb ephedra. Once a popular ingredient in diet supplements like Hydroxycut, ephedra has more recently been known to raise blood pressure and has been associated with heart attacks and at least one death. In response, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned ephedra for commercial sale.

Although the sale of synephrine and bitter orange is still legal, some people avoid the ingredient completely because of this risk. In addition, the NCAA bans all athletes from using products with bitter orange for the safety of its students. Doctors recommend that pregnant and nursing women avoid taking products containing bitter orange.