Author Topic: 2018 Spring Training - Ballpark of the Palm Beaches  (Read 5550 times)

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New "Shock Top Picnic Patio" at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

$30 for a ticket, open seating on the patio/picnic table areas, and 90 minute buffet of brats, hotdogs and other ballpark type food.

Not a bad plan for folks with kids, since the kids play area is right there and the price gets everyone fed for cheap, but I'm bummed  because it sounds like now you need the special ticket to go sit at the picnic tables, and that was my favorite place for watching the game last season :(
I suppose I could always buy the ticket to sit there and just buy other concessions if I wasn't in the mood for bratwurst, but I would imagine this makes it harder to get one of the picnic tables now. Boo.