Author Topic: 2018 Spring Training - Ballpark of the Palm Beaches  (Read 6400 times)

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What about regular taxis? (Uber/Lyft aren't options for me since I am not owned by a smartphone.)

Not looking promising - would love to check out Nats spring training (having caught many such matches on the radio it sounds like a great way to ease into the season) but Europe is oh-so-much cheaper, safer and more accessible.

There aren't usually roaming taxis like you'd see in a bigger city but you can call for dispatch service. Reliability can depend on the company; hotel front desk should be able to recommend a good one. Our hotel in Port St Lucie had a deal with a local car service that they offered without being asked (we declined since we had a local friend to chauffeur us around). 

Central Florida in March is East England since airfares/hotels are cheaper (kids still in school) and weather is better.