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Re: Nationals vs. Pirates, Game 4
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Pittsburgh Mitlens  11
Warshington Checked-Out  6


Scoring Summary
Inning   PIT   WSH
Pirates 8th   Stallings reached on infield single to first, Bell scored, Luplow to third, Moroff to second.   11   6
Pirates 8th   Moroff walked, Marte scored, Bell to third, Luplow to second.   10   6
Pirates 8th   Bell singled to center, Bostick scored, Marte to third, Bell to second advancing on throw.   9   6
Nationals 7th   Sánchez doubled to right center, Harper scored.   8   6
Nationals 7th   Taylor homered to left.   8   5
Pirates 6th   Marte grounded into fielder's choice to first, Stallings scored, Polanco out at second.   8   4
Pirates 5th   Stallings doubled to shallow left, Moroff scored.   7   4
Pirates 5th   Freese singled to right, Rodríguez scored, Bell to second.   6   4
Nationals 3rd   Werth doubled to left, Murphy scored, Zimmerman to third.   5   4
Nationals 1st   Rendon homered to center, Turner and Harper scored.   5   3
Pirates 1st   Stallings singled to left center, Moroff scored.   5   0
Pirates 1st   Moroff doubled to shallow left, Bell, Freese and Luplow scored.   4   0
Pirates 1st   Luplow hit by pitch, Bostick scored, Bell to third, Freese to second.   1   0