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Re: Nationals vs. Pirates, Game 3
« Reply #50: October 01, 2017, 03:23:26 AM »
Kintzler doesn't seem to have the room for error that Doolittle has because he is not a high K pitcher.  The leadoff hit was a weak GB that the runner beat out on replay. He more or less needed  to get 4 guys in a row to make weak contact, and only got 3. As for the triple, it didn't help that Werth was still in the outfield in the 9th, but I don't think any LF who is going to be on the roster for the playoffs (i.e., not Stevenson or Bautista) is coming down with that other than Robles, who was in RF for Bryce at the time.  We are going to have to get used shaky corner OF defense for the rest of the year, and Kintzer's contact-dependent relief once in a while causing nausea.