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Re: Nationals vs Pirates, Game 1
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Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like people using the anthem as a way of protest. I don't like it when people yell crap during the anthem but at the same time I would be perfectly OK with them skipping the practice altogether. I also think it's an empty gesture (both singing the anthem and protesting during it). These protest are not going to accomplish a damn thing. It's not going to stop skittish cops from killing people. I just don't get the ire over the protest. I watch sports for the action between the lines. I don't give a freak about athletes' social or political views. But if they want to do something that I see as insignificant, :shrug: It's not going to stop me from watching the games.

Did I mention religion's like that too?     I guess I covered all the taboo subjects.    :)    Your right to "protest" is unrevokeable (is that a word).