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Re: Beating the Cubs
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Opposing viewpoint of the series:

"I know in a 5-game series it's the usual, "the team that takes game 1 usually wins it," but I think that's especially critical here. Not because they're in DC, but because this is a Dusty team; get them immediately on the ropes right away and encourage Dusty to be at his Dustiest as he panics as only Dusty can."

I mean ... they would know better than anyone.

   "Ever been to Nationals park before? It's the least interesting stadium ever built. Somehow you're always facing the sun no matter where you sit.
"Many times; good food and beer selections, and that's about it. Figured out very early on that if you're not sitting down just past 3B you're getting sun-blasted. The whole RF/1B side of the stadium is basically hell when the sun is out."