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Re: Beating the Cubs
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Was there any context to that quote? Or did he just randomly call out the Nats?
Not sure, sounds like it was casual conversation, not necessarily meant for the media to hear. That's my read on it.


A little more context here:

The Cubs (39-38) are in second place in the National League Central, while the Nats (46-31) lead the NL East by 8.5 games.

None of these realities kept Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts from gloating to the president about his club’s postseason chances against the Nats.

“How are they doing,” President Trump asked of the Nats.

“They’re looking pretty good,” said one off-camera voice, before Anthony Rizzo added, “If you want to come, it’s right down the street.”

“We’re going to run into these guys in the playoffs,” Ricketts told President Trump. “And you’ll come down and you’ll see them crumble.”

“Probably will,” President Trump said. “You probably will.”

It wasn’t entirely clear whether the president’s “probably will” reply was in response to the Cubs running into the Nats in the playoffs, or Ricketts’ claim that Washington will crumble, though it leads toward the former, which would be ideal.