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Re: Beating the Cubs
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Hey guys, trying to tread lightly here but wanted to get your perspective on Hendricks. It seems like no matter how well he does he doesnt really strike fear into opposing fans. And actually to be honest, many in his own fan base tend to discount him. Earlier in this thread when discussing the rotation his name wasn't brought up. Did his start yesterday change the perception at all? Are you at all scared at the possibility of facing Hendricks in game 5?  It seems like the most respect that is given to him is "yeah he's really good but we can probably get to him"

For the record I'm terrified at the thought of potentially facing Stras in game 5 after watching his performance last night.

Yesterday, he proved that he's one of those finesse pitchers who's pitches well in tough spots, which is the Nats' kryptonite.  I don't think any of us want to see him again.