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Re: Beating the Cubs
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Someone on this board made the observation when Nats Park first opened that it had as much character and charm as a powerpoint presentation.  So there is that.  but by the same token, the Paris sewers have character and charm according to a lot of people, but I don't really want to spend time there. 

Part of what adds character to stadiums is the history behind them.  In a short time, Nats Park has already racked up quite a bit of good history.  The one thing that's missing is a World Series.  Bring home that WS and we'll forever remember Nats Park as the spot where Zim walked off on opening night, Strasmas happened, Werth walked off in game 4, ZNN threw the first no-hitter, Scherzer chased perfection, and most importantly, the Nats' home when the franchise turned around from being the laughing stock to world champs.