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Is anyone else concerned about the momentum the Cubs have to end the season? The Nationals are pitching well... but the offense is in major coast mode. They scatter hits, tack on runs here and there, rarely put crooked numbers on the board. The Cubs on the other hand are putting up 6-10 runs a night it seems. Getting clutch late/extra inning heroics. And they also seem to be pitching well. I'd put my Nats up against any team.. They are an elite team. But the Cubs are playing their best ball right now.. and the Nats (with the exception of the bullpen) played their best ball in April.

E-X-P-E-C-T-A-T-I-O-N-S can carry the weight of a gorilla on your back. That being said, everyone seems to have high “expectations” again that the Nationals should beat a World Championship caliber team of competitors such as the Cubs who will now be playing as if they have nothing to lose. Not good. :(

We can also only hope that Baker playing  all his bench jockeys, rookies, and batting Difo “3rd” just a day and a half after clinching the NL East did’t send the wrong message throughout his clubhouse as well. Geesh!

There is no ON/OFF switch in professional baseball and I would suggest Baker stop his creative penciling in of makeshift lineups while “playing not to get injured” and use these last few games to find that competitive edge to roll into the Playoffs feeling like you’re battle tested and ready to go!

Baker should play his starters for 6-7 hard fought innings “then” start filtering in the bench as you would in the Playoffs;
1) pinch hit Lind, etc.

2) defensive replacements  Kendrick for Werth, Difo for Murphy, Robles for Harper.

The bad news is, Baker has this team primed for another kick to the a&&! The good news is, he still has four games to work with.