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Re: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 3
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I appreciate it but unfortunately I know how it turns out. :(

He's such a good story teller.    One of the interviews in this episode was with a Viet Minh fighter.    They asked him about winning and losing.    He kind of scoffed and said (paraphrase), "There is no winning or losing.   There is only destruction."

EDIT:    I was reading the Sunday Post and the quote is included in an article on the series:

The Vietnam War is never truly over (and at times it will feel to a viewer like “The Vietnam War” is never over, either), but, as Bao Ninh, a writer who fought for the communist North Vietnamese army, thoughtfully observes in the film’s opening moments:   “It has been 40 years   . . . .   In war, no one wins or loses.      There is only destruction.     Only those who have never fought like to argue about who won and who lost.”