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Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 1
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Are we gonna do a game thread? I'm getting antsy. If you guys are at the game and see a tall, beautiful, bearded, brunette man with an OD green backpack and a patch that says "We Kill Bad People And Break Their crap" come say hi! :hysterical:

[edit = line up per rotowire:]

LA Dodgers v. Washington Nationals

7:05 PM ET  Wind 2 MPH Out

Los Angeles Dodgers

Record: 94-52

1. CF Chris Taylor (R)
2. SS Corey Seager (L)
3. 3B Justin Turner (R)
4. 1B Cody Bellinger (L)
5. RF Yasiel Puig (R)
6. 2B Chase Utley (L)
7. C  Yasmani Grandal (S)
8. LF Andre Ethier (L)
9. P  Alex Wood (R)

Washington Nationals

         Record: 89-57

1. SS  Trea Turner (R)
2. LF  Howie Kendrick (R)
3. 2B  Daniel Murphy (L)
4. 1B  Ryan Zimmerman (R)
5. 3B   Anthony Rendon (R)
6. RF  Jayson Werth (R)
7. CF  Michael Taylor (R)
8. C   Matt Wieters (S)
9.  P  Edwin Jackson (R)
LAD: Alex Wood (L)  (14-3, 2.81)

WAS: Edwin Jackson (R)  (5-5, 4.14)