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Re: Postseason Starting Rotation
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Talk about small sample size...
It's assine to expect your starter to go more than 6 innings in a playoff game in the current era of baseball. Is that better?

The majority of starts are going to fall into the 5-6 inning range, even for your so called aces. That's all you can hope for really. That's why bullpens are so freaking crucial. Last year, the Cubs big three (Arrietta, Lester, and Hendricks) made 14 starts in the postseason. Three went for more than 6 innings. Kershaw has made 14 starts in the playoffs. 3 times he went 7 innings or more. Kluber has 6 starts and only one of them has he gone 7 innings.

The 2015 Mets probably had the best, with their staff making 14 starts, with five going for seven innings or more.

It's simply not normal in the playoffs. Too much goes into every pitch and every at bat. So depending on your top two starters to go 7 innings or more is essentially betting on failure.