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Re: Postseason Starting Rotation
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Does anyone still want Gio to start game 2 after yesterday? The only hope is to win games one and two. He is going to get crushed in game three.

I’d much rather have Max in hostile territory, plus his road ERA is like 1.36 amd his home ERA is like 3.10.

Dusty said Gio was sick and I remember at one point (maybe it was when Ollie freaked up or maybe it was when Roark freaked up) wondering if there was maybe a norovirus or a wicked hangover or bad meat or something going through the clubhouse. It was just so out of character for basically everyone except Blanton to suck all in the same game (well at least after we got Madson and Doolittle). I am really hoping Gio gets his crap together or gets it out of his system or whatever direction his crap needs to go, and holds it together for a few more starts.