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Re: Postseason Starting Rotation
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I hear that the ranking of the 4 is a lock, fair enough.   But how to we get them in that order?  It's at least mildly disruptive.  Stras is scheduled for tomorrow, and Max for Sunday.  Does Max go on shorter rest before a final start, and Stras on longer rest?  Solve it through side sessions?  If they really are wedded to Max first and Stras second, shouldn't they have found time during the 6-man rotation to get them into the right order?
It shouldn't be disruptive at all. Right now Max is to start the next to last game of the season. Stras second to last. With four days off from the last game to the season to Game 1 of the NLDS, it shouldn't be an issue to stack it however you want. If you want to make sure the four playoff starters get a start in that series vs. Pittsburgh, that should be fairly simple do manipulate by flipping Roark (giving him an extra day's rest) and Jackson (pitching him on normal rest) for their last starts. If you do that, you'll have Roark, Stras, Max, Gio the last four games.