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Re: Nats Park Playoff Fan Experience
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Early bird/pregame attendance was fairly good on the Saturday (4:30 start or thereabout) but it's always going to be hard to get people down there much before 5 or 5:30 pm on a weekday. To entice people to leave work early, you need to give them a decent shot at getting whatever the giveaway item might be, which means having a lot of that item. If there's only a few thousand, then people won't bother, figuring the item will all be gone before they can get there.
That's why I recommended the "two wave" approach, get a block of 5-10 fans there when the gate opens, whatever they give away they'll make back in concessions. And that leaves 35K to get in the door over the next couple hours. The second giveaway would be for a larger group to get them to show up a half hour or more early. They need to space out arrivals better so they don't have thousands of fans missing the first pitch as they did last year.

And if you need 25k NLDS hats or whatever, you need to get that order in a few months in advance, which no team will do because they're trash if you don't make the post-season.  MLB isn't going to furnish them because why would they.
The Nats are going to make the post-season. They are going to be the home team for the first round of the playoffs.

And even if the result was in question the team would have tens of thousands of shirts and hats available for the night they clinch to cover all the fans who are looking to add a fourth shirt to their NLDS collection. They don't need months.