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I think that companies want us to believe that, and it makes some amount of sense, but the actual evidence on it is pretty inconclusive.
Industry has been fighting minimum wages for decades. Our economy hasn’t fallen apart yet. In any case the Lerners aren’t moving to automated vending because the minimum wage, they are doing it because machines don’t require any wage, and they don’t ask for benefits and they don’t take vacation.

^^This.  Machines also don't steal and don't complain when there's a double-header to work.

For the companies leading the way in the automation of customer-facing jobs like McDonalds, the sheer number of workers they have means they'll save a ton of man-hours by replacing people with machines, and those man-hours will represent a huge amount of money, regardless of the base wage, simply because there are so many of them. 

American Airlines did a cost/benefit analysis on the little salads they served in first class at the time, and were able to save $40k (1987 dollars or closer to $100k now) by cutting the ingredients from three olives down to two.  The fast food places have been wanting to cut labor for years (decades probably). The technology hasn't been there for very long and the customer base hasn't been tech-savvy enough to accept the change till very recently.  It's not the rising minimum wage that's driving any of this.