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A few more pics from the RF Patio. It's a really great place to sit if you have a good camera and want to take some photos.

you're very close to RF but you'll get better photos if you've got a real camera and not an iPhone. For reference, when Brewers' RF Phillips made his jumping catch on  Saturday night, he bounced off of the RF fence and probably scared the crap out of some fans. Good thing we had seats elsewhere Saturday or we would have told Jayson how we felt about that bonehead play  :evil:

Primo spot for taking pics of the visitor bullpen.

On Saturday we sat in Sec 336 "Infield Club". The sections up here are pretty small, only 8 or 9 rows with only 11 seats per row, and I like that a lot. Less traffic across the rows (although my view still managed to get blocked by The Selfie Family during some key plays). The view is really good and there's extra leg room which is always a plus. There's also a server taking orders for pay-as-you-go food and drink. This is a mixed benefit, because the selection is really underwhelming and the food itself is good as if you'd gotten something fresh from the concessions, but there are very few concessions on the Club level, so to get something nice, you have to go down at least one level (and the stairs/escalator is halfway down the concourse to boot), In other words, it's the Camden Yards approach. We stuck with lame burgers brought to us because we didn't want to miss any of the game. Lesson learned.

Beer prices are not much cheaper than Nats Park, $8 for a Miller-family draft, $8.50 for a can and $9.50 for a craft beer can. We tried some good local stuff including Third Space Brewing's Happy Place IPA which I think is my new favorite.

I love their scoreboard. It's crisp and clear and has a lot of useful facts, but doesn't try to cram in a whole Wikipedia article like San Diego does.

The fan base is ... weird. No better word for it. Both nights we've seen a LOT of really drunk people which I'm sure is related to the pregame tailgating, at least for some of them. They heckle a LOT. They were merciless to Werth (even on Friday, before he did The Dumb Thing) -- anyone remember any history between him and the Brewers? They cuss a LOT.  A lot of people left when MAT hit his home run, which didn't make any sense to me, because it was just A tie game at that point, no blowout,  and the usual excuses of weather, lateness or dependency on public transport don't apply. 

 I sat next to a guy wearing a shirt that said "Welcome to America, Now Speak English" and that was almost as awkward as the Ching Chong Chinaman dance the Dude Bro's a few rows ahead of us did when the Brewers' reliever Wang came in.   :-[

Last pic is from one of of the two hotels we've stayed in; this is the hallway/atrium at the Brewhouse Inn and Suites, which is the old Pabst factory converted over. The old brewing equipment is on display. It's pricey by Milwaukee standards but worth a night or two because the rooms are really nice and the staff is stellar. They have a pub attached, and the pub does a shuttle bus back and forth to the games. We took Uber which was about $10 each way.