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Re: Baseball Lore and Trivia
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Ah, but that looks like the picture of Babe Ruth in front of the RF grandstand. Someplace there's a picture of fans in the LF bleachers trying to see where Mantle's 565 foot home run landed. Not many people up there. Best I remember, you had to be a ten-year-old kid to want to sit in the bleachers for a day-game after opening day. Great place to collect batting practice baseballs, though, in 1959 and 1960.

Yep, that's the Babe.  He woke up from his unconscious state sufficiently to have 2 more hits in the game, then played the second game of the double headers as well.  So much for concussion protocol.

This was down in the "negro" section but the crowd appeared to be quite integrated.