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Re: Post season roster
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Yea, let's ignore 12 years of data on Howie and believe that this BABIP over 400 in 200 at bats this year is the new norm.  We'll see in a month where Harper is at physically but I can tell you exactly where Howie will be and that's back to the same guy he's always been.  If Harper is completely unable to go then that's who we'll have to roll the dice with, but any intelligent person isn't impressed by this lucky hot streak and putting him in over Harper if Harper is able to play.  It's insane to even discuss that, but then again consider the source.  Funny how you only trumpet the new guys and dismiss every player that has been around.  You're the typical love the backup QB fan. 
Didn't say it was the new norm. It's this season. That hot streak is the entire season. He's on. Ride the hot hand versus the one who wouldn't be playing for another two months if it was May.

Find a fence.  Pick a side.  Stay on it.
Eaton and Harper are broke. Keep on the DL and play the guys who are hitting well.