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Re: Post season roster
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I'm sorry, does Harper have the same injury as he had last year?  I guess every injury effects you exactly the same way, right?  We'll see where Harper is at in a month.  I know what Howie is and that's very, very average.  I noticed you just skipped right over Howie's career playoff stats I put in front of you.  Not even you could spin that.
You're right. It's worse. He can't use his knee on his plant foot. A guy who's hitting mechanics are driven by his legs and base has injured his leg so badly that two weeks later he is considered "a long way away from running"

How about Howie's postseason stats?  in 30 career playoff games, his OPS is .557! 

He went 2-13 against the Cubs last year in the playoffs for a .385 OPS.

Howie's stats are in the past. Who cares. He's never hit like this. He's kicking ass and taking names. Dude is raking. Harper, Werth, and Zimmerman should all be benched in favor of Kendrick, Difo, and Lind.