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No, Howie was locked in the past couple of months.  See, in baseball when a guy with a 12 year track record of being so-so has a hot month or 2 fueled by an insane BABIP then it's pretty easy to predict the dropoff coming.  Howie, unlike Murphy a few years back, has no real explanation mechanically or with his approach as to why the results are different.  It's a hot streak fueld by a lot of luck.  The playoffs are a month from now.  You can't expect that to last into October.  If Harper is even 75% you are absolutely DUMB to play a guy who was average and forgettable over a 12 year career over a MVP and future Hall of Famer.  The playoffs don't start today during Howie's hot streak and while Bryce is out of commission.  We'll see in a month what's up.

And by past couple months you mean the entire season right? .340 average baby. We saw Harper at 75% last year. He hit .242/.352/.396 after getting hurt and trying to play through it. So you think he's going to magically mash after spending two months not playing and still being hurt? Yea, no. Harper can sit his ass on the bench and give the team a chance to win.