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Re: Post season roster
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THat was before. Howie locked in this year. Bryce Harper broken.

Howie > Bryce
Hey, Caps are going all the way this year.

No, Howie was locked in the past couple of months.  See, in baseball when a guy with a 12 year track record of being so-so has a hot month or 2 fueled by an insane BABIP then it's pretty easy to predict the dropoff coming.  Howie, unlike Murphy a few years back, has no real explanation mechanically or with his approach as to why the results are different.  It's a hot streak fueld by a lot of luck.  The playoffs are a month from now.  You can't expect that to last into October.  If Harper is even 75% you are absolutely DUMB to play a guy who was average and forgettable over a 12 year career over a MVP and future Hall of Famer.  The playoffs don't start today during Howie's hot streak and while Bryce is out of commission.  We'll see in a month what's up.