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Re: Post season roster
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It just isn't clear to me what more you want. He's not playing, the Nats have told us he's not playing due to an injury which they have specified (knee bone bruise). A calf strain is incidental to the bone bruise. They have given an estimated time frame for the his return and said they expect him back for the playoffs.When he was not progressing like they had hoped we found out about that too.  I'm not sure what else you want other than looking at his chart and viewing the actual MRI images. I personally do not think I am entitled to this because I buy a ticket.

Injuries can be hard to predict. Diagnoses can be made that change after time has passed and more information is obtained. It is inexact.

How does this information "enhance our fan experience"? 

As fans, we aren't "entitled" to a darn thing when it comes to injury news. Anyone who speaks in anything but high-level terms, especially early in a player's treatment/recovery, is foolish.  The human body has its own timeline and that doesn't always reveal itself till recovery is well underway.  The major injury is going to dictate the timeline, not the secondary injuries.  Bryce is going to be out with a bone bruise for an undetermined amount of time; the calf strain doesn't make a lick of difference. Johnny Cueto is out with a forearm strain; guess what, he has finger blisters too, but does that really matter in light of the forearm strain? Guess what else, they're not sure if he will be back this season or not. He's not responding to treatment like they'd hoped. Welcome to the human body.

  I'd wager that at least a quarter of the guys league-wide currently on the DL have a secondary issue beyond whatever's on the news reports.  It's really silly to get worked up over it.

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