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a pinch-runner / defender like Robles is probably more valuable in the post-season than the 8th guy in the bullpen.  You could get the 18 inning game again, but you have extra off days and the like so I don't see that 8th arm being used often.  A PR is closer to an end of game reliever in terms of when you'd use him (close / late) except you'd be short on runs rather than ahead.

Exactly.  Extra bullpen help like that is more for the season when rest is an issue.  We have 4 really good relievers and then maybe you also trust Perez or Solis in a lefty/lefty matchup in the middle innings.  Who else out of the bullpen do you really want to use?  Why would you use them unless you hard to pull a starter in the very early innings or we had another 18 inning game. 

You ideally have Max/Stras go 7 STRONG and then turn to Madson and Dootlittle.
Gio and Roark you hope for at least 5 strong, and then you go with perhaps Perez/Solis for an early lefty or 2 and then Albers/Kintzler/Madson/Doolittle

If we have extra innings or a starter is pulled in the very early innings, then you can use Perez, Solis, and that 7th RH bullpen guy to bridge those innings. 

The bench guys can really benefit you strategically.  Pinch runner.  Defensive sub.  Obviously pinch hitters.  Plus I simply think we have better players as bench options than the bullpen guys beyond the top late inning guys.  I see no reason to force a Matt Grace on the roster.