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Re: Post season roster
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If Goodwin is ready, Goodwin, Robles, Kendrick, Lind, Difo, Catcher makes a pretty damned good six man bench.

Except that we'll most likely be using a 5 man bench.  25 man roster, 8 starting position players, 4 starting pictures, which leaves 13 spots to fill.  That will probably go 8 in the bullpen and 5 position players.  My guess is an even L/R split in the pen.  R: Albers, Blanton, Kintzler and Madson; L: Perez, Romero, Solis, Doolittle.  That leaves 5 for the bench.  Loby, Lind, Kendrick and Difo are locks.  Final spot comes down to Robles vs. Goodwin.  Goodwin has the slight edge for balance, bc including him makes the bench 2L/2R/1S, whereas with Robles it's 3R/1L/1S.  But, Robles definitely brings some electricity, which can go a long way, and he's been looking good, whereas Goodwin is coming off injury and will be rusty.  I'd like to see Robles make it, but they also might give the nod to Goody bc he is older/more experienced, and presumably less likely to make a rookie mistake in a big spot.  If they only carry 7 relievers, which would surprise me, then you could keep them both.