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Re: Post season roster
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Drew isn't taking Difo's spot.  Not what I meant.  He would make the team as an extra lefty bat off the bench.  If Goodwin looks good, then I don't think you also have a use for Drew as an extra lefty bat.  He is a fine and experienced pinch hitter if he's at all healthy, but Difo is who you would use in the field and also would be your first choice at the plate.

Drew doesn't have a spot as a bat only guy. Lind is your big bopper off the bench as far as lefties go, and Kendrick is your man from the right. (I accept that Werth will start, although I don't like it.) Difo, Robles, and Lobatón cover every defensive position. I'm not sure Drew justifies carrying only 3 RH relievers.