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Re: Post season roster
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We have some nice options.  I expect MAT to get first crack as the (mostly) everyday CF with Eaton in LF and Harper in RF.  Goodwin can be the 4th OF and be a natural semi-platoon with MAT, although of course he's not going to start against every RH pitcher.  Eaton can also get the occassional day off.  I think Robles starts the year in AAA, then we'll kind of evaluate where we're at a month or 2 into the season.  If everybody is healthy and producing, then I think you could see us shop MAT/Goodwin, or even Eaton and see what the market is and what we could get in return, then possibly deal 1 of them.  We'd then roll with Harper, Robles, and 2 of those 3 as our 4 primary OFs.

Semi-agree, except Goodwin and Taylor were both inexplicably better vs. LHP this year.  Not sure if fluke.

Robles should at least stay down long enough to regain his super 2.  Think of when Trea came up last year.

This should probably be a breakaway thread for next year's outfield.