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So, Harper is going to be on the roster.  Drew and Goodwin are trying to make it back, but Drew is trying to play hurt and Goodwin just doesn't have much time.  Where does that leave us with the 25?

Locks to start (not a batting order as you can tell):

C Wieters
1B Zimmerman
2B Murphy
3B Rendon
SS Turner
CF Taylor
RF Harper

LF I strongly suspect is Werth but Kendrick could be in that spot if Werth isn't feeling healthy and getting going next week.  Whichever doesn't start will be on the bench along with Lind and Difo.  I think Lobaton is a near lock as the backup C, but Severino might beat him out if Lobaton is still ailing. 

Locks for pitching staff:



RH Albers
7th Kintzler
8th Madson
9th Doolittle

I think Perez is very likely to be another lefty to make it, because I have only Doolitle as a lock.  We need a situational lefty for the earlier innings.  He's the vet but he's been only so-so.  Romero, Grace, and Solis are the other possible lefties.  Romero is the most talented and has 4 scoreless outings over 4 and 1/3 since returning this month.  Grace has shown he can be a long man if needed and has 4 straight scoreless outings after a rough stretch, but his overall numbers are pretty weak.  Solis hasn't given up a run since August 24th which spans 6 2/3 innings.  He's making a strong case despite his overall ERA being so high still.

As for other RH contenders, Edwin Jackson has been falling off and I'm not sure he's a great option for just an inning or a few batters.  He's never thrived in that role.  Do we really need his services as a long man?  That's a regular season thing I believe.  There is no "eating innings" in the postseason unless you run into a marathon like we had against the Giants when Zimmermann was pulled in the 9th with a 1-0 lead.  Kelley's last 2 outings were good, but he needs to show a lot this coming week because to date he hasn't had it this year.  Blanton is a on a modest 3 1/3 scoreless streak and of course he's a vet. 

I really don't see our bullpen coming into play much beyond Albers/Kintzler/Madson/Doolittle.  Those are the 4 you trust and really the only 4, and in the postseason I expect Max and Stras to give us at least 7 strong and Gio and Roark should be able to give us a solid 5+.  That means we can almost exclusively use just those 4 guys out of the bullpen.  Albers can clean up the 6th inning for Gio or Roark if they run into some trouble, unless we want to matchup a lefty like Perez or Romero.  Then you go with our 3 new guys in the 7th/8th/9th.