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Wrigley Field
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Saturday was my first game ever at Wrigley Field. Here are a few notes on the trip. Some of these may not be relevant to your trip up there but what the hey--it's my thread.

I bought my ticket on Stub Hub Thursday night--only found two tickets at $100 in the first level; and that was before the fees.  Of course it was a weekend game and they had some single seats available on the team web site.  However where I purchased down the left field line the team website was $179 before the cook county tax and other fees.  I noticed in looking at their web site Monday's game in that area are $79 on the team web site.  So, like most places you will pay much more on weekends and for prime games.  In the end I paid $125 after the fees in section 101--row 7 but the seat was only about 3 rows from the wall where I sat.  Guy next to me said maybe someone in front of us was in the Bartman seat but it was a big drop to the field so Bartman was in a closer section.

If you are going up and staying in Chi-town than you will probably take the subway from downtown.  Since I was driving back part way I used the free Cubs parking lot which is about 2.5 miles from Wrigley.  Not too far off of I-90.  Off of Irving Park--3900 North Rockwell is the address.  Got there early and caught the first shuttle which leaves 2 and 1/2 hours before game time.  Since I arrived before the gates opened I wandered around for a while and then went into the Cubby Bear bar which is across from the home plate entrance.  Found one Nats fan there to talk with.  From Chicago originally but a White Sox fan and now works in DC.  He said people has been at the bar and drinking from 10:30 local time.  We chatted a bit and turns out he lives in Prince William County and is moving not far from our home there.  Small world.

Went in when the gates opened and watched batting practice from the left field wall.  Most of the Nats were on the other side since that is where their dugout is.  The guys flagging fly balls on my side were Andrew Stevenson at first and then Sammy Solis and Matt Grace.  Cubs fans had no idea who they were.  Ball was hit into the corner and I yelled, "Sammy you need to hustle more." He smiled and looked up.  Tossed me the ball--intercepted by a Cubs fan who handed it to me.  Nice guy--lives in North Carolina and comes up for a week each summer.. We talked baseball and he said the day before Adam Lind's mom and dad sat behind him.  Nice folks he said were from Indiana and thrilled about seeing him at Wrigley (I assume he played there before when he was with the Brewers?). Went over to the Nats side to see if maybe I could get an autograph on the ball but was too late.  Got Kolko's attention as he was getting ready to tape a feature--gave each other the thumbs up.

It was good to get there early and get food and beer at that time.  Once the game started the concourse was a total zoo. I saw about 20 people lined up in one spot to put condiments on their dogs. Crazy.  I did take it on during the game -- got a beef sandwich from Buono's.  Was good.  It seemed that most of the food places I had read about were restricted to the Bleacher sections which were off limits to the rest of us.  Pork and Mindy, Giordano's Pizza and Hot Doug's Dogs were the ones I had my eye on but could not find.  I realized that rather than wading through the concourse going back to my seat you just walk into the seating and you can walk between the 100 and 200 level seats all the way from RF to LF.  Much easier.

The bleacher seats look like lots of fun but they were almost as much money as the actual seat I sat in.  The rooftop seats seem just ridiculous. No way to see much from there without binoculars. 

You get a first time certificate that looks like a ticket if you go up the stairs to the first landing on the LF side.  It was very crowded before the game but they stay there all game.  I went at about the third inning and the line was much shorter.  Met Clark the Cub mascot there--asked if he was named after the candy bar and he gave me the stink eye.  Named for Clark Street which runs by the stadium.

One of the ushers told me there was somewhere to go and see the World Series trophy but didn't do that.  Nice guy--he told me there was a phone charging station last year sponsored by Amtrak but Amtrak pulled out and the team closed it down.  He said the owners don't anything at the park that doesn't make them money.  He said all the employees got team replica world series rings that are supposedly valued at $300/400.  He said they had to sign some sort of agreement promising not to sell.  He told me last year was his first year working at the stadium.  I told him he was the one who broke the curse and should get a big raise.

The shuttle bus back to parking was uneventful--it's school buses with no A/C so don;t expect much if you take it.  I believe they only run it for weekend and weeknight games (no day games during the week).  Runs for two hours after the game so you do have time to get something to eat after the game and still catch it.

The drive up and back went Ok except that many people there do not seem to know that when you go through the toll booths the ones that say easy pass only are really easy pass only.  Got stuck behind some morons that didn't figure that out going both ways.  On the way back the guy was trying to slide his credit card in something that wasn't a card taker.  He rang the bell but no one came--had to back up which was dangerous. 

Until driving to Wrigley I did not know that the White Sox stadium is right off the highway--perhaps they were afraid if further away people would be too scared in South Chicago. If they had been in town I might have taken in a game there also.

The Gary Rail Cats independent league team is also right off the highway and looked like they had just started a game; if I hadn't had a few beers I may have taken the game in.  As it was I stayed in beautiful downtown Hebron Indiana (just kidding as there is no downtown).  I wondered why prices were so high and mostly filled up and then heard that Lollapalooza Chicago was this weekend. 

All in all it was a great experience.  Definitely happy to cross that one off the bucket list.