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Re: Washington Capitals (2017-18)
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A 3-0 Caps shutout loss...  ;)

As I see it:

1.  Is Ovi engaged on offense and defense?  I get a sense he's gonna mope this season given the past 2 years and the Olympic decision...
2.  Can the defense clear the puck to the forwards at center ice, or do they get bogged down.
3.  Who is winning the race to the puck in the corners...and related,
4.  Are the Caps simply dumping and chasing, or can they enter the offensive zone with puck control on the rush.
5.  Most importantly...can Holtby be effective with the limited defensive support he is likely to get.  No Alzner and no Schmidty is a significant loss on the blue line.

I expect Niskanen to be the most outstanding player in every aspect of the game...he has been quite often.  The Caps top 6 forwards haven't shown they are in the game yet, and the defense could all look like Carlson does...aside from Niskanen.

Senators are a really good team...I might just focus on what they are doing well rather than what the Caps are not.
I'm rooting for Carlson. Just because guys don't like him. And he's 'Merican.