Author Topic: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17  (Read 14324 times)

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Re: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17
« Reply #325: September 26, 2017, 10:18:09 AM »
To recap...I hope to be able to mount this 2'x4' banner...  :uk:

...on this fence or generally in this area of the Loft...  :couch:

If for any reason you get can PM me from the Park...and I can guide you in...  :idiot:

I'll easily be the best looking 65 year old man in the Loft (as evidenced by this picture) wearing this same grey Nationals polo shirt, and either this same red cap or a grey 2017 Division Winner cap...  :old:


(bluestreak...on the right...will not be joining us, so don't look for him :rant:).

Remember...the Center Field gates open at 5:05pm...