Author Topic: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17  (Read 14724 times)

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Re: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17
« Reply #175: September 11, 2017, 01:18:25 PM »
Even though Vark tried organizing this without a Nats playoff standing, making the playoffs sounds like one (of many) good reasons to tell Nats Mgmt.

Another reason could be we fans hope it's not the last time we see Jason Werth, for he's been a positive effect in the Nats rise.

Another reason is to stick it to some obnoxious O's fans who claim O's fans are more dedicated than Nats fans.

Another reason is to show other Nats fans there has been a community formed from random Nats fans that provide much support to each other.

...and I thought this was all just an excuse to drink beer...  :shrug: