Author Topic: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17  (Read 14725 times)

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Re: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17
« Reply #175: September 11, 2017, 12:02:58 PM »
You could be there...and with free tickets...  :whistle:

Hopefully, this will become an annual event.  We tried to pull this off last year, but there was a general lack of interest.  I think Skippy being there may have been the catalyst this year.  She'll have to come every year now...  ;)

blue911 mentioned he might stop by.    I told him hang over in the corner and listen in.    If you like what's goin' on, jump in.    If not, just stand there.    Those who know who you are will act like we don't know you.    No pressure.

Dayum, I didn't know skippy was comin'.     I may hang out with blue911.     :)