Author Topic: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17  (Read 14732 times)

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Re: First Annual WNFF Meet and Greet 9/30/17
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Great day at the Park today.  Left to right:  Mrs. Chief, Miss Chief, The Chief, Bluestreak, Mrs. VaRK, and of course...the birthday boy...VaRK...

Special thanks goes out to Bluestreak.  He arranged for the Nationals to display a welcome message to the Washington Nationals Fan Forum on the big board during the middle of the 5th inning on 9/30.   :clap:

BTW, mitlen...that's my own watch...

Ahh this is so awesome! Chief your daughter is precious, I hope I get a chance to meet you and your family next month and same goes for you Bluestreak, so awesome you're getting them to display that message at our game and I'd love a chance to say hello to one of our more reasonable posters ;)