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Re: 2017 trades not involving the Nats
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Yankees turning back into the old Yankees.

Not really. They have a 40-man roster logjam after this season (hence, Clarkin). They have a ton of OF prospects/young players (Frazier, Judge, Hicks, Fowler, Florial).

Rutherford has a .740 OPS in Charleston so far, he's far from a bust obviously but there is a place the NYY could deal from - Outfield - and not feel the pain anytime soon. Robertson and Kahnle will be in the majors next year and help make the bullpen ridiculous again. 

I also think they have a few prospects they could deal (Mateo, for example) in a trade for Sonny Gray that would help them in 2017 and 2018 and beyond. They need SP for the long haul and dealing some guys for Gray makes a lot of sense.