Author Topic: Urgent MD traffic assistance needed!! Please respond!  (Read 2137 times)

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Quote from: "deeznatz"
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Great for the folks in Southern PG (Oxon HIll and points south) but not accessible from Va due to bridge traffic.

If from Richmond, you wanted to come up 301 across the Morgantown bridge, then jump over to 210 from Waldorf, this is a viable alternative for you.

Stay away from 301 / Branch avenue if possible.

Exactly...I was thinking 301 then jumping off onto Branch or Indian head Hwy.  Didn't know 295 was pretty clear at that time....I thnk that is what IU will do!

Thanks for the info tomterp!

There's a ramp directly from 210 (Indian Head Hwy) at the intersection of 495, that takes you down the hill and over to 295 WITHOUT getting on 495.  Make sure to read the signs and follow the ramp directions carefully.  Good luck!