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I’m debating getting the extra postseason strips. Would you guys recommend? We don’t have partners. It’s just my wife and I that use the tickets for the most part. Are these difficult to sell. I have some friends that would use some, but I don’t want to be stuck. How close are they typically to the seats that I have? Sorry. This is my first year doing this...

You can pick the seats just like you can pick regular tickets so it's up to you if they're in your same general seating area or not. Not all areas available; MLB apparently buys most of the Club level, and the Delta and Diamond Club SPH are required to buy their postseason strips so there's not usually a lot left there. Like BIL says, they're much more expensive than your SPH strips, and like a lot of the other SPH benefits, they officially can't be resold, so you can't put them on stubhub.  Personally I wouldn't bother unless I already knew someone who wanted the whole strips because the potential profit isn't high enough to me to justify  the risk of not selling/selling at a loss, but you might have a higher threshold than I do.