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So question regarding winter fest and NATS Plus autographing session. I booked free passes to the session from 8:30 to 9:15. That was free. I then was sent an email to buy autograph vouchers for another session at 10 that cost 25 dollars per ticket. Is this redundant over the earlier one? Should I buy the tickets in addition to the one I have or is that a waste of money?

Depends on how much you like autographs. The Nats Plus SPH session is 6-8 Players/coaches (you might get a coach mixed in at your group but you won’t get a group like Raburn, de Aza and 4 coaches— they do try to be fair about it), the main Winter Fest sessions are 2 players, and since you don’t know who is in each group/session, you might get some overlap. To me, that’s redundant and I don’t care enough about autographs; to others, the chance of walking out with 8 unique autographs is worth the risk of getting duplicates.

I would recommend though if you do the Main winter fest sessions, pick some later time slots and leave your morning free. The lines can be very long for the $25 sessions and if you’re going to spend a ton of time in a line, it is less painful once winterfest is already packed.  Don’t waste your early time (especially the SPH early entry time) standing in a line.  If the only option they gave you to buy was 10:00 then the rest are already sold out.