Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 45247 times)

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The Partial Plan Holders that don't get a Yankees game, are the ones that are getting screwed.
why do you say that, PB69?

2 dodgers, 1 NYY, 1 BOS, 2 Cards, 1 Os vs. 1 dodgers, 1 nyy, 2 Os, 2 Bos, 1 cards.  Basically, one set gets 2 dodgers and 2 cards, the other gets 2 Bos and 2 Os.  Both get singletons on the NYY and on the teams that the other gets 2.  A is more NL-Oriented, B is more AL.

Two Red Sox games and two Orioles games for Plan B. Those are the best series for resale. The Yankees have come to DC three times and never had a big resale bump.