Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 40174 times)

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Plan B gets 13 Saturdays.  Plan A gets 1...if I counted correctly...
well, yah.  They always used to do that for the half-season plans back in the day when my group had that.  They would combine 2 20 game packages to make a half season, and there always was one 20 gamer that was more oriented towards Friday night games.  It used to be that one was not in the default half season, so you ended up with fewer Friday night games.  Sunday I think were scarce in the default as well. when I went from half season to a half season and a 20 gamer, I picked up the Friday-heavy 20 gamer to get more weekends. with the current plan A and plan B, you have options with a difference to fit your group preferences.