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From season ticket agreement.

From time to time the Nationals may provide you with the opportunity to purchase tickets to certain postseason games that may occur at Nationals Park (“Postseason Tickets”). If you in fact purchase Postseason Tickets during any Season of your membership or plan covered by this Agreement and any of the Postseason games for which you purchase Postseason Tickets are never scheduled or are cancelled before the gates open to the public for any reason and never rescheduled (“Unplayed Postseason Games”), you will receive a credit on your account equal to the value of the Postseason Tickets you purchased for the Unplayed Postseason Games less any non-refundable processing fees (a “Postseason Credit”). A Postseason Credit will be applied to the Annual Commitment applicable to the Season immediately following the Season during which it is earned. The amount of any Postseason Credit earned in the immediately preceding Season shall be applied to each installment payment of your Annual Commitment (beginning with the installment payment due on 12/15) until it is exhausted. Once exhausted, installments of your Annual Commitment will be Charged to your Card in the manner set forth in this Agreement. The Nationals will notify you via email of any Postseason Credit on your account by 12/1 of each year.