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Can you even purchase single tickets to only the All-Star Game? Events like this that I’ve been to or heard of are usually only sold in strips. NCAA tournament, NBA all star game, conference basketball tournaments, etc.
I think MLB requires selling it in a strip.

All-Star Game tickets aren’t available on an a la carte basis. This means if you’re purchasing tickets to the game, you must buy an entire strip, including tickets to the FanFest, all-star Sunday events, all-star Workout Day and Home Run Derby, and the game itself, plus a commemorative program. You cannot unbundle the strip and just select particular events to purchase. You must purchase everything, including the FanFest tickets and program.

Major League Baseball mandates bundling tickets in this way, according to a team spokeswoman. MLB also sets the prices for the tickets, although the invoices will be handled by the Nationals. MLB also sets any fees. Pricing and invoicing are expected to arrive in January of 2018.