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Regarding the ASG: all of this is, of course, assuming all STH/PPH are offered a chance to buy ASG tickets. Remember that this is not a true Nats home match - the other 29 MLB clubs each get allocations and so do various sponsors and VIP's. (TBSITH will be available that night - I can't attend evening matches because of medical and logistical issues*, and will probably be somewhere overseas during the All-Star break.)

*Lock of 2018: Metro will not stay open late that evening. If they won't stay open late for the Redskins, they won't stay open late for anybody.

Great points.

The Nats have been pushing half and full season plans for ASG priority, but I suspect that partial plan holders will all be offered strips. If it costs $2,000 - $2,400 for a pair of decent seats a lot of people will pass, particularly since they would be looking at taking a loss on the resale market for most of the events. As for TBSITH, my bet is that plan holders will not be offered their usual seats.

The Metro will be interesting. When Metro used to charge $30,000 to stay open late the Lerners refused to pay and blamed MLB policy. When Metro refused to stay open late suddenly the Lerners wanted to pay. If MLB policy is truly to not pay for public transportation then they should refuse to pay for the ASG, otherwise that excuse was just Lerner BS.