Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 29212 times)

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That seems about right based on prices for past games, with lower level and club level prices going much higher.

The prices for the strips that go on sale in January will probably range from $700-$1400 and as of now I'm leaning towards passing. The futures game/celebrity softball game event in Miami is going to $6 on resale sites, cost to strip holders was $80. So if the idea was to buy a strip, go to the game and sell the other events you are better off just buying a ticket for the game. The home run derby price is almost as high as the ASG itself, which would mean attending two late night events in a row. I'm not sure what the attraction is unless you are sitting in the outfield, and even then you would be competing with ball hawks for every HR.

In Miami they are doing some sort of Zumba event. It would not surprise me if they did something similar for strip holders for the on field event at Nats Park.

Harper has said he'll participate in the Derby next year so that might be a good selling point.