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Metro doesn’t make the decision to stay open. Their charter prohibits them from changing hours for special events themselves. Extending hours is all based on requests made by event organizers/hosts. Now that safetrack is over, they are allowed to accept requests again, but someone has to request they stay open late, and that someone also has to cover a $100k/hour deposit. Passengers who come through in that extra hour are multiplied by an average fare (around $5.25 if memory serves me and I have no idea how that is established) and counted against your deposit. 10k turnstile clicks = $52,500 refund of your deposit.

Note that the deposit was only around $35k before Safetrack which is why in earlier years they could always find a sponsor. It’s basically free advertising because there were always enough fans to make $35k in fares at five bucks a fan. $100k will be much harder.

There’s also a maximum of 11 requests annually that will be honored so just because you ask doesn’t mean you’ll get it.